Rosemary Pike
Stained Glass Artist

Church Window

(Overall size 2'9" high x 6'0" wide)
Church Window

Left & Right
Sets of Panels
  Church Window

Right-hand panels
(Overall size 2'9" high x 6'0" wide)


Window Panel

Window panel - now inserted into double-glazed unit - modern design

(Glazed panel size 35" x 35")



Glazed Door

Rennie Mackintosh inspired 9-pane door panel

(Overall glazed area - 402 high x 24"wide)
Door Panel

Glazed top panel to panelled door; "Under-sea Scene", with tropical fish & sea-horses.
(Glazed panel size 25" high x 18" wide)
  Room Divider

Rennie Mackintosh inspired design room divider;
a decorative separation between Outer Hall and internal spaces.
(Glazed panel size 60" high x 22" wide)

Room Divider

Country Landscape scene room divider; a decorative separation between Utility Room and internal spaces.
(Glazed panel size 35" high x 38.5" wide)

  Glazed Inner Screen

Decorative four-panel inner screen; giving privacy
to lower half of angled bay window set close to pavement outside.
(Overall panel size  24.5" high x 90" wide)

Room Divider

Arts & Crafts style room divider; a very attractive separation between a Lounge and a Dining Room.
(Glazed panel size 44.5" high x 32.5" wide)

 Iris Triptych

Field of Iris flowers, set in three panel arrangement

Circular Window

Abstract design for window to therapy room.
(Panel 20" Diameter)

Table Lamp - Bronze Base

6 sided - Glass Shade (handmade glass)
12" wide X 7" high - overall height approximately 18"

Ceiling Light

Inverted pyramid fixture, on 4-corner suspension
(Overall size approximately 15" x 15" x 7" deep)


Table Light

An internal base takes a choices of candles
(Overall size 8" high x 5.5" x 5.5")

Cranberry Flare

Glass Hanging Panel (12" high x 7.5" wide)

Prime + One

Glass Hanging Panel (15" high x 11" wide)

Day Lily

Glass Hanging Panel (14" high x 10.5" wide)

Rainbow 7

Glass Hanging Panel (15" high x 15" wide)


Glass Hanging Panel (12" High X 11" wide)


Glass Hanging panel (12.5" high X 9" wide)

Decorative Glass Box

Facetted design glass box, with hinged top.
Box size 6.5" long x 4" wide x 1.25" high

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